Tech firm linked with Michael Jackson

AN Australian technology investment company has bought a stake in a new American social media app linked with Michael Jackson’s estate.

YONDER and Beyond, which listed locally in February, is buying 10 per cent of PlayMeet, which will connect users who share similar musical tastes, whether it’s Kylie Minogue, Elvis Presley or One Direction.

“Tinder for music is the best way to explain it,” chief executive Shashi Fernando told AAP, comparing it to a popular dating app. “If you’re playing a lot of Kylie underneath, it will also know that and match you to different groups of people that you can interact with.” PlayMeet launched as a Sony joint venture 2013 but it won’t go live in Australia and the US until May. It has been likened to the era of cassettes, when friends shared personal mix tapes with each other. “That whole ability to share and work with each other to create stuff for each other is not there anymore so PlayMeet plays into that,” Mr Fernando said. Renowned music producer John McClain, an executor of Michael Jackson’s estate who has previously worked with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, helped create PlayMeet. Yonder and Beyond is acquiring a 10 per cent interest in the app for $US1 million, staged over two $US500,000 transactions. Yonder is based in London, with offices in Perth and Los Angeles. It joined the Australian Securities Exchange by taking over shell company Quintessential Resources, which had been a Papua New Guinea gold miner. Yonder and Beyond shares fell two cents to 18 cents.


John Oliver Hits Netanyahu’s ‘Michael Jackson-Level’ Walking Back on Two-State Solution

Before he dove into America’s municipal fine fiasco, John Oliver spent a couple of minutes tackling last week’s Israeli prime minister election and specifically Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent flip-flop on a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

Oliver posited that Netanyahu’s victory may have been due to his “last minute swing to the even-farther right,” saying in an interview that he would not support the formation of a Palestinian state on his watch. But then, in his first post-election interview with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, Netanyahu reversed course, saying he still supports a two-state solution.

“That is a Michael Jackson-level of walking backwards,” Oliver said, comparing Netanyahu’s “verbal gymnastics” to a “guy caught being too honest on a first date.” What’s “so amazing” about the whole thing is that Netanyahu had left himself “almost no wiggle room.”

If he emerges unscathed, Oliver suggested the prime minister go on the road as “Netanyahoudini”: “Words cannot hold him!”

Exclusive: Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Home and Happy After Almost 2 Years

EXCLUSIVE Paris Jackson is home. My sources tell me that Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter is back with her family in Calabasas, California after almost two years. In June 2013 Paris– who’d been a feisty, funny kid on Twitter, and had stood up for her grandmother against forces in their family– had emotional problems. There was talk that she’d attempted suicide. Her family moved quickly, and sent her to a boarding school in Utah so she could properly mourn her father and gain skills for coping with grief and fame.

And now, Voila!, Paris is home. She was visited recently by grandpa Joe Jackson, the Wily Coyote of the Jackson family. A source sent me some pictures, one of which I have reproduced here. Paris had wanted to leave the Utah school and come home for a while, sources say. It’s unclear if she will return to Buckley Hall or finish high school at another private school in the area. I am told that “she wants to help people, that’s what she wants to do with her life.” Which is a lot better than being a professional celebrity. And look at the pic– she’s smiling, tall, and beautiful. A happy ending, to be sure.

Welcome home, Paris. And may the paparazzi, as well as the press, leave you alone. You deserve some privacy.


Paris Jackson ‘creates Neverland grief therapy’

Paris Jackson is using her late father’s Neverland Ranch for ‘peaceful reflection’, according to reports.

The 16-year-old is the daughter of Thriller singer Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. Her superstar father famously lived at his Neverland Ranch which featured its own theme park for a lot of his career, but following his death in 2009, the estate fell in to disrepair. But it has now been claimed that Paris regularly visits the property and has turned it into a place for ‘grief therapy’.
She has reportedly planted a Zen garden and had Michael’s favourite image, a Peter Pan-esque figure sitting on a quarter moon, carved in the middle.

‘[She] now uses the spot for peaceful reflection,’ a source told The National Enquirer.

Michael left his home in 2005 after being acquitted of child molestation charges but didn’t give up control of the property until 2009.

After his death, Paris had a tough time dealing with her loss and living situation and allegedly tried to commit suicide by overdosing on Motrin and cutting her wrists. But since returning to Neverland, the teen has reportedly been able to feel close to her dad once more.

‘She’s been there more than her siblings,” the insider continued. ‘She reflects on how Michael would talk to her about not losing her innocence as a child, to not let people – even family – take advantage of her, and to always look after her brothers.’

Michael gave control of the ranch to Colony Capitol not long before his death. The investors are reportedly trying to sell the property for $75 million. But for Paris, it would be devastating to lose the place which holds such special memories for her.

‘More than anyone else, losing Neverland hurts Paris the most without a doubt,’ the source added. ‘There are things up at Neverland that she insisted upon while she still has the access, and the garden was one of them.’