‘Slow Suicide’? Died Excruciating Death

Autopsy report reveals mysterious meds in Dr. Arnold Klein’s system.


The alleged father of the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson‘s children Prince and Paris died after suffering in excruciating pain, reveals a shocking coroner’s report obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com.

Dr. Arnold Klein, who passed away in California on Oct. 22, 2015, was taking a cocktail of medications beyond what his doctor had prescribed to treat his depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other issues.


“Eight meds over the three or four his doctor prescribed were found in his system,” an insider told Radar. “Who wrote the prescriptions, who gave him those medications and what was the purpose?”

The coroner noted 70-year-old Klein’s body contained diazepam, also known as valium, in addition to chemical byproducts of a drug used to produce a reduction in anxiety, loss of consciousness and memory loss by anesthesiologists during surgery.

The coroner also noted the extreme physical deterioration of Klein’s body. The doctor had multiple irregular scars on his arms and legs, as well as a hole in his bowel, a side-effect of multiple drug interactions which caused excrement to seep into his stomach. “The pain was just insufferable,” the insider told Radar.

“Was there no one there to say look you’re in such excruciating pain we need to call an ambulance? No. He suffered for four days in excruciating pain so finally 911 was called — and who called? He was the one!” blasted the insider. “Where are these people [who were supposed to care about Dr. Klein] when this guy was suffering for four days?”

Tragically, Klein died after he had a heart attack while waiting for help in a Palm Springs medical facility.

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