Sad Farewell: Paris ‘Devastated’ Over Death Of Beloved Jackson Family Friend

How Michael Jackson’s daughter is handling the loss of her childhood role model.

Michael Jackson Magician Majestik Dead

Michael Jackson‘s personal magician, Majestik, passed away early this morning after a long battle with cancer, and 17-year-old Paris Jackson is taking the news especially hard.

“Paris and Majestik formed a special bond when she was young because she was fascinated by his magic,” an insider told exclusively.

As Radar previously reported, the late King of Pop’s mother, Katherine, 85, remained very close to Majestik. Throughout the past year, she paid over $1 million to help the 61-year-old fight a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

Because of Katherine’s devotion to Majestik, the insider said that he “inevitably stayed close to Paris and her siblings.”

“Katherine referred to Majestik as her ‘other son,’” the insider said. “They are all really devastated over his death.”

Radar online


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