Janet Jackson Surprises Fans by Pretending to Be a Statue

Janet Jackson gave some fans the shock of their lives when she showed up unexpectedly on a tour.

As fans prepared to go on what they thought was just an ordinary look inside My Music VIP’s Janet Museum, their minds were blown when a Janet statue started to move.

“I saw her and I said, ‘Oh my God! That’s her!” one fan said.

“She was right there, and I was holding her hand,” said another.

Janet joined forces with My Music VIP to create an exclusive program, which gives unprecedented access to concert guests during the GRAMMY winner’s Unbreakable World Tour.

Janet’s 11th studio album, Unbreakable, marked her seventh No. 1 on the Billboard 200, putting her in an historic club that includes Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen. Her previous chart-topping albums were Discipline (2008), All For You (2001), The Velvet Rope (1997), janet. (1993), Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) and Control (1986).

Concertgoers who buy the album will get early entry into the concert along with access to Janet’s My Music VIP website and a tour of the Janet Museum.



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