The king of clouds! Storm formation that looks like a moonwalking Michael Jackson appears in sky six years after singer’s death

  • The shape formed over Goochland County, Virginia, during lighting storm
  • Photographer John Plashal, 45, didn’t see it until it was pointed out to him
  • It looks as though Michael Jackson is moonwalking through the lightning 
  • Appeared just two days before sixth anniversary of king of pop’s death

Michael Jackson seems to have made an appearance in the skies, six years after his untimely death.

The king of pop looked liked he was moonwalking through a lightning storm over Goochland County, central Virginia, on Tuesday.

The spooky cloud formation came just two days before the sixth anniversary of Jackson’s death from cardiac arrest.

Photographer John Plashal, 45, said he didn’t notice the Jackson shape when he first submitted the photo of the storm to CBS 6.

‘The image that you see of Michael Jackson just happens to be there,’ he told CBS, insisting that he hadn’t altered the photo in any way.

‘It’s pretty wild. I didn’t know what I had until this morning, to be honest with you, when my phone started blowing up.’



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