Space Michael ~ Xscape

Space Channel 5: Part 2 is a rhythm-based video game created by United Game Artists, and released on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in 2002. This is the sequel to the game Space Channel 5.

The PlayStation 2 version was released in Europe (except for the UK) in 2003, and was released in North America in 2003 as part of a sole package called Space Channel 5 Special Edition which included the original game, Space Channel 5. Space Channel 5: Part 2 (Limited Edition) was released in Japan featuring a carrying case and a set of large headphones (Dreamcast version only).

In October of 2010, Sega announced that Part 2 was going to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, the release date pegged at around early 2011.[1] The game was released for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on October 4th, 2011.

The game begins some time after the Morolian invasion when Ulala makes her comeback on the reporting scene. She’s back out in front of the camera, but a mysterious dance troupe known as the Rhythm Rogues make her job a little bit harder. People are being held hostage and even the President has become a victim of the troupe. With some groovy new dance moves, Ulala might stand a chance at uncovering the plot that Rhythm Rogue leader Purge has in store

Space Michael, based on Michael Jackson, appears as a cameo in the first game, but becomes a fully involved character in Part 2. After being rescued by Ulala from the Rhythm Rogues, Michael uses his singing skills against Purge the King.

Interesting : Michael in the space

Arno Bani  photos


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