Culture Pop – Michael , Madonna, Lady Gaga ~ Font

The Pop music inspires designers long ago. Actually we can classify as a relationship of mutual gains, since without the contribution of talented designers the world Pop possibly not exist. His distinctive rhythm, and his visual language attract all types of audience, but especially teenagers. After all, who ever heard of Madonna, Michael Jackson and now, Lady Gaga. What these artists have in common, besides their ability to constantly changing, it is precisely the power to attract millions of people to their shows. With globalization and the development of the Internet, this capacity can be raised to the nth power. Thinking about this, Billboard recently released on its website a collection inspired by the career of the most famous Pop idols sources. Besides Madonna, you also find tipeface Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and artists from other genres such as 50 Cent, Iron Maiden and Jimi Hendrix. Worth checking out. To make your life easier, you can download right here from sources of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. Just click the button at the bottom of the page.

Michael Jackson


Lady Gaga

Download free  – Compressed file containing: Total size: 598 KB


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