Michael Jackson former personal physician in Trinidad for Carnival celebrations

 PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CM) – Dr Conrad Murray, the cardiologist, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, has arrived in Trinidad to participate in the annual Carnival celebrations.

Murray, accompanied by his son Che, daughter Chanel and fiancee Nicole was met on arrival by close friends, Garreth and Karla Kalloo.

Murray, who described himself as a lover of Carnival, was making his first visit to Trinidad for the celebrations since he was given the maximum four-year prison sentence in the case that followed Jackson’s death in June 2009.

Murray was hired by Jackson as his personal physician as he was preparing for his 2009 concert tour. Jackson died of a prescription drug overdose where lethal levels of surgical anaesthetic propofol were found in his body.

“No comments beyond Carnival, we are here to have a good time,” said Murray who indicated he would remain here for two weeks.

Murray, who was released from prison last October, has taken legal action in the United States to have his medical licence reinstated.

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan said that Murray could make a case legally to practise in Trinidad and Tobago since Section 40 of the Constitution guarantees citizens equal rights.




3/3/2014 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Conrad Murray came back to Trinidad, celebrating Carnival — and he gave his son an official introduction into the world of BOOBIES!

Murray returned to the place where he became the man he is …. glowing in the sunlight of freedom … and also glowing from the reflection on his head.

The man who did hard time for Michael Jackson‘s death brought his family along for the topless extravaganza …. and his son is clearly fully indoctrinated.

That V isn’t just for victory.



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