Take Me Away – tribute to Michael Jackson

Nathan Jay agreed to tell us for the first time the creation of Take Me Away, a song and a video tribute to Michael Jackson, entirely fanmade.

This article is the result of several weeks of work and research in collaboration with Nathan Jay. In any case I consider this exclusive article or anything else. The interest is to share this amazing work of Nathan with as many fans as possible throughout the world.

First, I want to know who you are, what do you do in music ?
Nathan Jay from England.  I write & produce dance music.  Then I make videos so people will listen to the music.

Tell me your creation: why « Take Me Away » and why did you create this song and this video ?
I was walking to the shops and it was raining.  I started singing the verse and made it up as I went along.  For some unknown reason, I sang it in a MJ voice, although I hadn’t been listening to MJ, and I don’t regard myself as a big MJ fan. I created the video by going through a load of MJ videos and finding body movements that matched the music, then took a few frames per second, copied them into photoshop, and sketched/traced the video stills.

How long did it take you?
Around 2-3 months working on the song, and 2-3 weeks working on the video.  I stopped working on the video after completing the first chorus, as the MJ Online team warned me that Sony were having unauthorised MJ stuff removed from YouTube.

What represents Michael Jackson for you?
He was a great artist & dancer, who made some great pop songs and videos.  I have always had respect for him as an artist, but I’ve never listened to an MJ album.

Do you have another project in mind related to Michael Jackson?
I now have 23 acapellas of MJ.  It’s difficult to work with his voice as I don’t know his songs very well (some I have only heard as acapellas), and also, he sings in three different voices (soft, normal and aggressive), which makes it more difficult when mixing words & half words from various tracks.

It’s also very very time consuming;  eg for the word « blue », I had to take the B from « you give me Butterflies », then the L from butterfLies, then the « OU » from « tryna get through to yOU. »  I’d tried three different combinations before that.

And the problem is if I make something with MJ’s voice, I can’t upload it onto YouTube because of the possibility of having my account suspended/blocked by Sony.   But I might do something else in the far future.


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