Thriller At Forbes: No BS! Brass Band Crashes The Newsroom

Had you stopped by the FORBES headquarters the Friday before last, you might have noticed something unusual emanating from the elevators. Not idle chatter about the weather or the Yankees, but music–very, very loud music–Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” to be precise.

The occurrence wasn’t the result of an inconsiderate boombox-toting employee, or a sudden resurrection of the King of Pop in the offices of a business publication. Rather, it was the arrival of No BS! Brass, an 11-piece drum-and-brass ensemble, to the newsroom.

Reggie Pace, a trombonist who also plays with Bon Iver, summed up the proceedings simply enough: “We’re No BS! Brass, and we’re about to crash FORBES.”

The band–which just released its latest album, Fight Song: Tribute to Charles Mingus–joins a growing list of musical acts who’ve graced our halls. Other visitors over the past two years have included former American Idol star David Archuleta, a cappella group Pentatonix, genre-bending sextet Delta Rae, pop-rock group Train, and the unlikely combination of Jon Bon Jovi and Warren Buffett.

One of the most enthusiastic audience members? Steve Forbes himself. Checkout the video above to see for yourself.


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