Private eye claims surveillance video shows Whitney Houston was murdered

Was Whitney Houston murdered? The pop superstar was found dead in her hotel room bathtub on Feb. 11, 2012, but new evidence — reportedly caught on video — spotlighted on Wednesday points to murder, not accidental death, according to a Hollywood private eye.

Paul Huebl, the private investigator, says he is turning all of his data over to the FBI. He added that he has video evidence that clearly shows singer’s killers.

I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of a high powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs.

According to the report, fully fleshed out in the Thursday edition of the National Enquirer, Huebl used a network of drug informants as well as his own examination at the coroner’s report. He says that he hopes his evidence — which he will turn over to the Chicago field office of the FBI — will spur a new look at Houston’s death.

In part, Huebl’s evidence includes two unknown men who he says kept showing up at the Beverly Hilton (where Houston was staying), blending in with her groupies. According to Huebl, the day before her death Houston received a delivery of cocaine, but was later heard to say, “I’m tired of this sh*t.”

She wasn’t saying she was tired of cocaine, he said. Instead, what Houston was tired of was harassment over her drug debt, which by that time had reached $1.5 million.

Furthermore, he said, on the day of her death, Houston was alone in her hotel room for about 45 minutes and that is when her killers slipped into her room and were captured on surveillance video.

In the report, Huebl claimed that “Whitney’s body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life.” However, the coroner’s report — which was released quite some time ago — says no foul play was involved in Houston’s death.

It’s hard to decide what to make of the claim, except to note that it comes from the National Enquirer. Huebl’s Twitter account says that he is “a documentary filmmaker, Investigative journalist, licensed private investigator, actor, who never knows what adventure lies ahead.” It also links to his website,

A look at that site shows it doesn’t seem to be what one might think, based on the title. The site is really a Blogger blog with a custom domain name, and the latest post, created on Wednesday, is one about the Oscar-worthiness of “Les Miserables,” which absolutely makes no sense when connected to his site’s title.

You can find his info on LinkedIn, too, where it says he is CEO at Crimefile News Productions. The LinkedIn information matches the Enquirer’s, which says he is a former Chicago police investigator.

Honestly, it’s hard to equate Huebl with the title “top P.I.” which is being used by some news outlets. We’ll see where this goes, but it’s unclear the information has much traction, but it certainly will create some waves.


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