Michael Jackson and Pinocchio

BY Jim Hill 10 Mar 2009

You undoubtedly saw all those newspaper stories last week that said that the King of Pop was suing to stop the sale of his personal possessions.

Well, I’ve just checked with the folks at Julien’s Auctions. And as far as they’re concerned, next month’s event is still a go. Darren Julien (who was Ireland when this story broke last Thursday, showcasing some of the items that will be up for bid in April) assured me that this is strictly a paperwork problem.  More importantly, that his firm “ … will sort things out with Mr. Jackson and his manager this week” and that everything will then proceed accordingly to plan next month.

Mind you, there are those who work the public relations field who are saying think it wasn’t exactly a coincidence that this lawsuit got filed just a day or so before Michael announced that series of concerts that he’ll be presenting at London’s O2 Arena in July. That Jackson – being the canny self promoter that he is – deliberately timed the filing of this suit so that his name would then be in the papers on the very same day that Michael revealed that he’d be doing these 10 shows. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Copyright 2009 Disney. All Rights Reserved

And speaking of publicity … To help with today’s release of the 2-disc Platinum Edition of “Pinocchio2-Disc Platinum Edition of “Pinocchio,” The Walt Disney Company is hyping the heck out of this little wooden boy right now. So that puppet’s picture seems to be everywhere these days. Though – that said – I doubt that you’ve ever seen Pinoak depicted like this.

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

This is a painting that Mr. Jackson personally commissioned, which depicts many of his heroes appearing together on the same stage at the same time. As you look over this heavily airbrushed piece of artwork, you’ll see the Three Stooges, Kermit the Frog, Shirley Temple and Charlie Chaplin.  Not to mention Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Stitch. Jiminey Cricket and – of course – Pinocchio.

I’m not sure what it was about C. Collodi’s creation that struck a chord with the King of Pop. But Michael Jackson clearly had a thing for this character.

A thing that – I might add – goes ‘way back. “How far back?,” you ask. Well, when Mr. Jackson appeared on a CBS TV special celebrating Disneyland’s 25th anniversary, Michael insisted that Pinocchio be one of the characters that appeared on camera in his segment of the show.

Copyright 1980 Walt Disney Productions. All Rights Reserved

And then – in June of 1993 – when the King of Pop was offered the opportunity to appear on the cover of “Disney Adventures” magazine, Jackson again insisted that this little wooden boy share the spotlight with him.

Copyright 1993 Disney. All Rights Reserved

The same thing happened whenever Michael went to the Disney Parks. While management would always trot Minnie & Mickey out for that photo op, it was always Pinocchio that Jackson would eventually gravitate to.

Copyright 1992 Euro Disney. All Rights Reserved

As you can see by the many Pinocchio-related items that are listed in Julien’s Auction catalog,  Michael collected this character in many styles & forms. Be it a model puppet …

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

… cookie jar ..

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

… statuette …

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

… or sericel …

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

… Jackson had to have it.

The King of Pop seemed to have a particular interest in collecting scenes that showed Geppetto and Pinocchio together. He had the old wood carver and his little wooden boy as depicted by Capo Di Monte

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

… and Lladró

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

… and – of course – by the artists at Disney.

Copyright 2009 Julien’s Auctions. All Rights Reserved

If you’d like to get your hands on one of the Pinocchios depicted in today’s story … Well, there’s only one way to do that. Which is to register for the “King of Pop: a Once in a Lifetime Auction.”  Which will be held April 22nd -25th 9900 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA. If you’d like to view these items before you place a bid, there’ll be an exhibition of Michael Jackson’s personal possessions at that same address  April 14th – 21st.

Please note that there will be a $20 per person entrance charge for the exhibition and auction. But a portion of the proceeds will be donated to MusiCares®.

Mind you, if you can’t actually make it out to Beverly Hills over those dates but still want to take part in the “King of Pop: a Once in a Lifetime Auction,” Auction Network will broadcast live streaming video of this event and will provide its viewers with real-time opportunities to bid.

Or if you just think that you’re never ever going to have a chance of picking up any of Michael Jackson’s Pinocchios, you can always commemorate this event by picking up the five volume color catalog for the “King of Pop: a Once in a Lifetime Auction.”

For further information about the “King of Pop: a Once in a Lifetime Auction” and/or to check many of the items that will be up for bid, please head on over to the Julien’s Auctions websitehttp://www.juliensauctions.com/auctions/2009/michael-jackson/icatalog4.html


“25 Things I Wish I Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson”

From the June 1993 issue of Disney Adventures, which came out right before some certain non-Disney-friendly accusations pretty well destroyed his career.  This was also on the downward slope of his transition from dangerous/sexy to dangerous/creepy.

With that said, let’s have a look at what he named his monkey:

 Michael Jackson’s Pinocchio Display Created by Walt Disney World Display

This is a display of a scene from “Pinocchio”, created by Walt Disney World Display for Michael Jackson. This unique work of art, which is owned by pop singer Michael Jackson, was on display at the Julien’s Auctions display of Michael Jackson’s things from Neverland Ranch.
In this scene, like in Walt Disney’s classic animated feature, “Pinocchio”, the Blue Fairy comes and grants Gepetto’s wish. She says, “Little puppet made of pine, wake! The gift of life is thine!”, and all of a sudden, there’s a bunch of sparkling lights around Pinocchio, and he starts to move and blink.
Jiminy Cricket then says, “And look! There’s Michael! Gosh, what they can’t do these days!”, as a little puppet of Michael Jackson also comes to life (in the “Smooth Criminal” suit and hat) and moonwalks. This display comes complete with music, lights, great scenery, character voices-it’s like the displays that you see in the windows at The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, only better.
To start the show, you have to push this blue button on the controls.

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