MJ – art work (rare)

“The Crossing: Passengers Must Pay Toll to Disenbark (Michael Jackson, Charon & Uncle Sam,” 

by Danield McDonald, modified action figures and models, plastic, fabric, foil, plexiglass, copper, acrylic, glitter, wod, light-emitting diodes, water, and mist, 60 by 22 by 7 1/2 inches, 2009

 A ghoulish, if not macabre sense of humor about pop culture seems to be a steady ingredient of these shows and this year that honor fell to Donald McDonald, an artist born in 1971 in Los Angeles for his “The Crossing: Passengers Must Pay Toll to Disenback (Michael Jackson, Charon & Uncle Sam.” Prominently displayed on a pedestral just inside the museum’s tickettaker, the workd displays the late Michel Jackson holding a large Penny to give to Charon, the legendary ferry keeper, and drunken, besotted Uncle Sam wretching over the side of the boat in a sea pitching with mist. One half suspects that this a new enlarged version of the antique penny mechanical banks rather than a political commentary on the nation’s sorry state of affairs.



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