Michael in Foreverland

Love this title ♥


February 12, 2010
Michael in Foreverland is a story about Michael Jackson, an outstanding artist and humanitarian in our society, who took videos to a greater height through his creativity and imagination. This book is about Michael’s world and seeing the world through his eyes. It is for anyone who truly admired and appreciated Michael for all that he stood for, his music, his love of beautiful scenery, of butterflies, children and all of the animals that we share this fragile planet with. His admiration for the late Walt Disney’s empire Disney World. For Michael’s world was much the same. As in the song: “Bless the Beast and the Children,” they had a voice through Michael who sang and spoke for them through his words of music and his videos “Heal the World” and “The Earth Song.” This is a book where history and fantasy come together for those who truly believe.
A Drama  “I like to relate, but sometimes it is not true

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