Michael Jackson’s dad – Doc 2011 (Confessions of a father)

According to new reports, Joe Jackson will be releasing a documentary next year, entitled, Confessions of a Father. Michael Jackson is one of the most successful artists of all-time, and he remains the King of Pop.

The documentary is produced by Johnny West and George Paige. According to a report by UPI, George Paige said of the documentary: “For the first time, Joe Jackson lifts the veil and airs the dirty laundry, like it or not. If you think you know the Jackson history, think again.”

Since Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, and Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in his death, there have been many reports, and there is much interest in all things associated with the King of Pop, as he is one of the all-time most successful entertainers. Michael Jackson has fans around the world, and his legacy is very much alive through his music, and innovation in dance.



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