Alphabet letter for Michael Jackson

is for angel the angel who wears the glove

is for believe i believe it’s all for love

is for coincidence can you believe it’s true

is for death which i don’t believe is you

is for enigma this adventure sure is that

is for the fans who never turn thre back

is for the golden heart that beats inside of you

is for the healing of the world that we should do

is for invincible and this is you we know

is for jealousy that other people show

is for the kindness you shared without a thought

is for the love and that is what you taught

is for magnificent Michael you really are the man

is for never say never and thats something that you can

is for outsmart them thats exactly what you did

is for persecution of you that they never hid

is for quintessential this could describe you to a T

is for rebirth of the man now you can be free

is for supreme your talent this is true

is for thriller it’s exactly what you do

is for u rock my world and you always will

is for the victory it’s something that i can feel

is for wisdom that’s something that you shared

is for xscape that’s something that you dared

is for yes for you i will be there

is for the zeal in how you showed the world you cared

Author: TRUE-TO -YOU


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