PETER PAN: A long time ago, a crocodile bit off Hook’s hand along with his watch. That’s why, when he hears a tick, tock he gets really nervous. Since he can’t get me, then he tries to get the little children.

Smee: Captain, the ice is melting, the sun is out and the flowers are all in bloom.

Captain Hook: He’s back.

Spring has entered,
with a smile to give,
the rebirth of the ground,
a new life to live!
A crisp smell of hope,
fills the fresh air,
birds are flying,
and singing every where!
Flowers are peaking,
thru the ground,
buds on the trees,
are beautuful and abound!
Our precious treasures,
are coming back to us,
Thank you mother nature,
a blessing intrust!
Bless You All~ by This is it!

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