Moonwalker Video Game – Movie

Moonwalker Video Game May Be Re-Released
(9-3-2010) Among the topics discussed at this year’s annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA (USA) were iPhone and Michael Jackson.

Sony Music representative, Mark Kozlov, spilled the beans about a forthcoming, unannounced Michael Jackson video game: “We were trying to get a re-release of the old Moonwalker game out at the same time as the This Is It DVD, but we couldn’t work a deal out with [original game maker] Sega in time. [MJ’s] estate is working on [releasing the new game]. You’ll have to wait and see.” Kozlov had no other details, adding, “It’s super secret.” Umm…

Moonwalker (Movie vs. Sega Genesis) – Smooth Criminal – ⑦ MJ ⑦
Music: Michael Jackson. ♬ ♪ Smooth criminal ♬ ♪ Dangerous Rehearsals Live At Neverland 1992 Genesis Games ♥ & ☮


Moonwalker: Hmv Exclusive

Release date: 03-05-2010
Format: BLU-RAY
Catalogue Number: 1000121775
Label: warnerbros

Even non-fans of Michael Jackson will be caught up in the exuberance and virtuosity of MOONWALKER. This 84-minute music video casts The Gloved One as host of a futuristic TV special. Highlights include an extended Claymation sequence and a 3-D vignette put together by the Disney Company. The most endearing aspect of MOONWALKER is Jackson’s willingness to poke fun at his own tabloid-headline image.;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=11481

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